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A feature film treatment by Ofek Doitch

Budget: Medium-low


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For thousands of years, humans and demons were at war for supremacy.

In a miraculous development, the Aztec Empire managed to replicate demon magic and turn the odds in humanity's favor.

With it an underworld was created, to lock demons for all eternity.

Ancient civilizations were destroyed and magic forgotten, to ensure the underworld gates would never reopen.

For the demons that remain, The Pact was made. Demons of the underworld assist humans in exchange for them not killing the demons they hunt.

Those humans are the Dead Enders, named after what the underworld holds for the Demons who reach it.

起 Ki


NIC is a proud, skilled Dead Ender in his 40s. PETER is his equal partner, although both know who's the talented one.

Tough demons worked them tirelessly the past decade. Nic does it for excellence. Peter, a single parent, for his son EVAN.


Nic and Peter intercept a demon just as its victim shrieks one last time, throat mashed for fun. The demon is almost human, except for its overly athletic build, ever-present bloodlust, and very wrinkly skin -- an unavoidable effect of the sun.

They both reach out as if to grab a weapon. Small, smoky portals open. Wrinkly hands hand each a weapon.

They fight intensely, injuring the demon enough to retain it. While Pete holds it still, Nic slaps a piece of paper with glyphs on its face. This is why this job is done in pairs.


Let the guards of the underworld have their kin.

Peter lets go. A similar portal, yet much bigger, opens. Multiple wrinkly hands wrap around the demon and carry it in as it shrieks.


Something isn't right. Another demon appears. Clearly much stronger. You can smell it in the air -- a Demon Lord.

The wounded, exhausted, pair struggles to control it. It’s clear someone has to die, and Peter decides it'll be himself.

He severely wounds the Demon Lord, forcing it to escape. In his dying breath, he asks Nic to keep his son, Evan, safe.


10 years later, Evan lives with Nic in his run-down flat. He's always interested in his dad and his work, and every passing day reminds Nic who has really done better between him and Peter.

Nic’s current partner is cocky Alex, in his 30s. It’s hard to stick with an unlikable partner for long, but at least he doesn’t get attached.


They’re fighting a demon. Jobs these days are trivial, as the demon count dwindled without a demon lord’s protection.


Easy. Oh, there's another one.

Defeats it as well. And another. And another. And another.

Alex starts to overwhelm and panic. Nic opens a portal and pulls out a note. On it: “Home breach.”

The power is out in the apartment. Evan hides under a table as demons ravage outside.

BANG! The door is hit, bent. More banging sounds.

BAM! The door bursts open, a demon body on it. Nic enters holding the demon’s arm, Alex behind him.

They stop, looking around.


Careful, there's a Demon Lord in here.

Alex already feels it, petrified. WHOOSH! The demon lord lurches at them.

Alex gets killed. Another partner gone. Another defeat.

Evan is knocked unconscious.

Nic continues to fight with all his might. This time he’s prepared. He corners the demon, wounding it.

As Nic is about to deliver the final blow, the demon throws blood in his eyes. When he opens them, the demon is gone.

承 Shou


Evan wakes up on the couch, rubbing his eyes. Nic hands the last demon body to wrinkly hands coming out of a portal.


Evan? Are you up? How do you feel?

The portal closes and Nic joins Evan. Evan does not answer with his voice. Instead, an adult, cunning, low voice replies.


Hello, Nicholas. Long time no see.

The Demon Lord that killed Peter now possesses Evan. Nic doesn’t budge. Furious, yet very reserved.


What, not going to deport me?

Nic doesn’t respond.

The demon lord laughs wickedly from inside Evan. He takes off the shirt and examines Evan's body. Nic doesn’t dare move.


It’s true, isn’t it? A boy this young will not survive the exorcism? Don’t worry, Nicholas. I am willing to cut a deal. If you take me south, I will release the boy voluntarily.



He realizes.


"At the edge of a civilization long gone, bordering on the ocean, a stairway leads down to the depths of hell."

The Demon puts a cunning smile on Evan’s face.


If you wanted to leave I could have deported you hassle-free.

Demon Lord takes an apple, sits back, and relaxes.


There are some things I need to do on the way there.

The arrogance enrages Nic. The insult. Nic edges closer to it. A piece of paper falls from his sleeve to his palm.

SLAM! Nic sticks the paper, decorated with glyphs, on Evan's stomach. The demon lord is shocked, watching as the paper crumbles, leaving the glyphs tattooed on the skin.


What did you...? What is this?!

Nic backs away, pleased.


Insurance. Now you can't leave before I let you.


A binding spell?! This will make me shine like a beacon! I can't show up at an airport with this!


Guess we'll have to take the long way there.

Through Evan’s eyes, eyes of a demon glow red. It launches with super-human speed and grabs Nic's throat, choking him.


Did you forget your genius plan? Kill me, and you're dead.


And so, Nic and Demon leave for a perilous journey, in which everything can be lost at a moment’s notice.

The Demon Lord is more vulnerable than ever to his Demon enemies and to other Dead Enders.

If Nic fails, Evan dies. If he succeeds, he loses whatever integrity he has left as a dead-ender, helping a Demon Lord to live on and kill more than he already has.

Throughout the journey, Evan has a dialogue inside his occupied mind with the Demon Lord, his father's killer. He learns how demons are created, that they are murderous evil, and most importantly, that this one is special.

It's not a Demon Lord, it's a Demon Prince. Weaseling its way through Earth as a back passage to the underworld's palace, where it can inherit the throne before its father grows too weak.

If it doesn't reach there in time, the new king will kill its entire family, and more importantly for Evan -- abolish The Pact with Dead Enders, making them much weaker, and encouraging a demon rebellion against humans.

Along their careful, back-way, journey, other dead-enders and demons chase them, forcing a demon to protect a dead-ender, a dead-ender to protect a demon. At one such time, Jack, one of the strongest Dead Enders to ever live, tries and hunt the Demon down.


Nic and the Demon Lord, still in Evan's body, are walking with supplies to their midway hideout. Nic stops and silently marks the Demon Lord behind him to stop as well.

The demon stops, but quickly grows impatient.


Continue, Nicholas. There's nothing here.

Nic is being extremely cautious.


A Dead Ender.


Nonesense, I would have felt his presence.


No. This one is even stronger than me.

The Demon tenses up after hearing this. Carefully looking around.

SLAM! JACK, a huge Dead Ender, 30s, appeares in front of the Demon, sword up high. Nic is in between them, blocking Jack's sword and protecting Evan and the Demon.

The Demon is shocked at Jack's ability, but quickly regains his composure and fights back alongside Nic.

Jack is just too good. He handles them both masterfully, eventually isolating Nic away, and getting his opening.

The Demon, the first time in his life, closed his eyes in fear of the coming attack.

BAM! MATTIAS, a Dead Ender in his 60s, blocks Jack.

Fighting together, the three of them got rid of Jack, and are now sitting by a fire cooking food and making tea.


You saved me again.


A teacher's duty to his student.


This old man is your teacher?


Watch your tone with me, youngling, or I will come down to hell to hunt you.

The Demon belives him, and quiets down.


Although, Nic, officially I'm not your teacher anymore.


I've been stripped of my title?


As expected when assisting a Demon. Especially this one. Unofficialy, though, they can go f themselves.

Nic laughs.


Next time, it'll be me that protects you.


That night, Nic has a terrible dream. He's watching Evan from afar, both of them locked in different cages, and Evan yells his heart out.

"No! Please! No! I don't want to do it! Please! Please don't make me do it!"


Nic wakes up from his dream. He looks around, an empty bed. Where did the Demon go?

There he is over there... He has his hand on someone...

Mattias! The Demon is covering Mattias mouth so he won't be able to scream for help, but the please in his eyes sure do reaches Nic.


Apologies, not part of our deal.

Nic leaps from his bed, but it's too late.

CLENCH. Mattias is gone.


Nic could hear Evan's scream of agony as the Demon made him act as he did. Coming close to death so many times, by demons and man, was nothing in comparison to this.

Then, his young body became weak, struggling to sustain the presence of the demon within.

This made the Demon teach Evan protective magic, to increase the odds of his body surviving. Evan, reluctantly, agreed.

Afterwards, Nic was always sleeping with a sword.


Deep into one night in a motel room, a smooth-skinned demon sneaks into the room. It paces carefully next to the Demon Lord, gently shakes it awake.

It freezes. Nic is behind it, sword pointed at its nape.


Step back, night crawler.

The Demon Lord awakes, takes a second to assess the situation. His eyes open wide.


The Demon Lord, with his supernatural speed and strength, puts itself between Nic and the demon that entered the room.

One hand controlling the demon, the other’s forearm blocking Nic’s sword.


Nicholas, this is my emissary.


So? Came to give you a kill count? Our deal does not include other demons.

Nic pushes his sword, but the Demon Lord maintains its defense.


Hear me out, Nicholas. I promise it’s in your interest.


No. This one is not going to kill any more humans ever again.

Inside his mind, Evan calls the Prince.


This demon is important, isn't it? Switch with me! I can convince Nic.


He can exorcise me if I'm not actively possessing you.


I guess that emissary is not that important.


You have 10 seconds.

They switch. The blood lust is gone from Evan's eyes, and his pose relaxes.


Nic! It's me!

The demon powers fade away, and the sword tears into Evan's hand. Nic pulls it back immediately. Forgetting about the demon, he starts exorcising the demon inside Evan.


Nic, he's not a lord. He's a prince. If he doesn't replace his dad, the new king will break the pact!

Nic hurries with preparations.


I don’t believe a word this Demon says.


Believe me.

The prince is back in control. Nic jumps back, sword pointed at it. He remembers the other Demon and tries to corner both.


Relax, Nicholas. If anything, that demon not doing anything this entire time should be proof enough for you.


The emissary has brought bad news -- the insurgent king is on the move, mobilizing forces to take the Demon King.

The Demon Lord brings Nic up to speed, telling him the same story it told Evan. Nic just hates it even more.

The more this Demon has just cause, the more he hates it.

転 Ten


As they near their goal, Evan’s body struggles more and more to carry them both and becomes increasingly sickly.

When they've finally reached the Aztec ruins, before removing the seal, Nic opens a portal, just in case. No weapon comes. He dispels the seal anyway and the demon leaves Evan’s body.

The sun sizzles the night-crawling Prince’s smooth skin, as it stands in front of a weaponless Nic and a weakling child.

Blood lust still rules his eyes, yet it turns around and walks towards the ancient staircase to hell.

Nic hugs Evan.


I'm happy you're back.


Me too.

As they hug, the Prince speaks.


Now this was worth everything, wasn't it?


Nic remembers everything that demon did.

Killing innocent people at every chance, killing Mattias, Making Evan a killer, making him suffer so much -- physically and mentally -- and, worst of all, killing Peter.

He's the reason Evan is alone. He's the reason Nic is alone.


They stop hugging. Evan turns around and takes in the sun.


I forgot how nice the sun is.

Seeing his relief, Nic realizes how much Evan suffered. Hatred consumes him. While Evan enjoys the sky, Nic turns around and paces towards the Demon. He reaches out for a portal.


Please, give me something.

A weapon comes. But instead of an old relic delivered by a wrinkly hand, it’s a shiny new sword dealt by a hand with the skin of a baby.

Nic does not notice, he’s just focused on the Prince, thankful something came out of the portal.

Behind him, Evan notices Nic is gone.


Nic? Nic! No!

The demon hears the footsteps behind it, it turns around — too late.

Nic towers over it, sword raised, shining in the sun, his eyes red with blood lust.


The Demon’s head lands on the floor.

Nic opens a portal to return what he now notices is a very shiny sword. A smooth-skinned hand comes out to take it.

He closes the portal. The hand pulls back and ends up losing a finger. Nic sheaths the sword and collects the finger.

As if waiting to ambush, dozens of very strong demons, though not quite Demon Lord strong, attack them.

Nic’s magnificent new sword allows him to fend them off while he instructs Evan on how to close the stairway, he fights a spectacular, awe-inspiring, mouth-agape fight.

One demon sneaks past him and goes for Evan.


Evan, RUN!

There's nowhere to run. Evan, cornered, uses the magic the Demon Prince taught him.

It protected him, allowing Nic the time he needed to take the demon's head.

結 Ketsu


Back in the city, Evan focuses on deciphering the glyphs in an ancient book, researching how to improve his magic, He teaches his findings to Nic, and Nic, his new sword always at his hip, teaches Evan how to be a proper Dead Ender.

They live their lives normally, as step-father and step-son, and as Dead Enders.

Equal partners.

Demons avoid their city like hell, and both of them know that whatever coup is happening down there, they will deal with it when it comes.

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