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Keepers of Alteria

Series Pitch Bible by Ofek Doitch

Genre: Live-action anime; action-adventure

Budget: Medium


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Series Brief

Keepers of Alteria is a 5-hour live-action, anime-like, action adventure epic.

Set in current day Israel, it explores the unlikely intersection of the vigilant protectors of the far-away land of Alteria, the forces trying to pry it open, and the three kids thrown into the chaos of it all.

For the first time in live-action television, viewers will experience the ecstatic climax of Japanese anime-style storytelling in live-action: a wonder-ful world, a deep connection to characters, seemingly unsurmountable evil, and its defeat against all odds.

The immense success of live-action shows like "One Piece" have shown the audience is there and they want more. Keepers of Alteria will supply, and without animation as a hurdle — capture a much larger audience.

The Story

Young brothers Zach and Sam came to Israel from England when Grace, their mother, accepted a job managing a prestigious international school.

One day, while stealing a copy for an upcoming test from Grace's office (they are a... resourseful pair, to say the least), Zach noticed a mesmerizing object: a vial of water. Its bubbling sound called him, luring him.

A few days later, Grace called both of them to her office with a request. They are to leave school immediately and go to Tel Aviv, to pick up something very important to her: a vial of water.

Together with Zach's hyperactive classmate Danielle, they went to make the delivery. The building lobby welcomed them with the sign:

The Alteria Trading Company

Zach was welcomed by one more thing. A familiar, luring, bubbling sound.

Before any of them could make sense of anything, chaos erupted. Fighting on the floor above them, crashing sounds from the parking lot, and a lot of hiding from scary government thugs.

The simple delivery job sent the teens deep into a dangerous government plot to steal the precious resources of the faraway land of Alteria.

With help from the Keepers of the land, the kids go on to protect themselves, those dear to them, and to protect a land they've come to love, with values they hold dear.

They go through unique martial arts training, research tales going back thousands of years, get kidnapped, get rescued, and travel across Israel to track down the culprits. They will have to use their wit, overcome their own internal issues, and never, ever give up, to win the eventual fight against evil, defeating it against all odds.

Further Seasons

While every season is self-contained, the world is large and deep enough to go on for many, many inter-connected seasons. With the same characters, with different ones, and around different subjects, the story could expand as much as demand dictates. To illustrate this point, for the sake of sane budgets, the story allows a minimum of 3 seasons to happen entirely on Earth, without even a single scene inside of Alteria, which is magical and more expensive to produce. All of that while keeping an engaging plot.

The Teens

Zach is a kindhearted kid hiding behind layer after layer of show-off vanity. With luck often at his side, he gets away with more than he should. Growing without a father, he came to reset authority and trust only himself. Zach's birth was a special one. This is why those vials of strange water "call him", and it is why he shows such talent in training. Through the season, Zach will learn how to control his power and overcome his faults.

Sam is Zach's younger brother. A forgotten trauma during his childhood had left him with earphones always on and music always playing, keeping him far, far away from his own thoughts. Although he's very shy, he's also extremely resourcesful, able to get him and Zach out of any kind of trouble.

Danielle is the smartest girl in school. That may sound like an advantage, but she's also too smart for her own good. She sees everything that's wrong in anything she sees. Not in a bad way, mind you, but as part of a desire to make the world a better place. That same ever-imporvement curiousity leads her to see the faults in herself as well, which in turn leads to insecurities.

The Keepers

Andrew never had any talent for anything, yet he is one of the most powerful Keepers to ever live. After running away from home and being given a chance, he promised himself he will work his hardest to compensate for what he doesnt' have, and so he did. Now, he's the guy you'd want next to you in time of trouble.

James is Andrew's fortmaster, his second in command. He is the most calculated person alive, ahead of every step and every turn. That desire to perform everything cleanly is also his greatest weakness, especially as this season will push him to use less than ideal solutions to dire problems.

Josh is the Israeli fort's fortmaster. His formaster, Ellie, and her trainee, Avi, have disappeared on the day the teens were supposed to meet them for their errand. Now, he holds the entire fort on his shoulders. Being the go-getter that he his, he will make it all happen. He will train the teens, he will keep the fort, and he will find his missing Keeper.

Tone and Style

Keepers of Alteria will be a seamless live-action anime. This means that people unfamiliar with the genre will have no clue it's being utilized, and those who do know it will enjoy what they love, in live-action format.

Keepers of Alteria will avoid mistakes of previous style adaptations, trying to bring in every single aspect of anime into the real world. Such effort is counter productive and results in an inferior product. There are three main aspects to anime available for live-action adoption:

  1. 1. Innovative anime plots
  2. 2. Japanese/Asian story style (AKA "Kishoutenketsu")
  3. 3. Anime visuals

So far, only the first aspect was properly adopted. The other two are avoided because unlike the plot, they can't be lifted as-is from the source. This makes for an end result that is too over-the-top for live action, and it is why I had researched this from end to end. Take, for example, this test shot that was done in a few minutes:

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That shot demonstrates that adoption can work, it's just that one has to know which parts to adopt, and far to go when adopting.

Proper adoption will result not only in novel, stunning visuals and incredible pacing, but will also be cheaper to produce. Anime is known for its economic way of dealing with action, and that translates into shooting in front of a camera. Shot planning that will bring beautiful style also happens to save a lot of work that usually goes into that kind of project, reducing costs and saving time.

Even after being convinced of the ability, some object to the viability, claiming that even if we nail every aspect of production, "anime style just doesn't look good" when it involves real objects in front of a camera. To those people, I point at productions like Godzilla Minus One, and another very impressive attempt (on a Kickstart budget!), HIDARI:

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A pilot is available. For further enquiries, please email: